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WFFN Logo release 2.png

The WFFN 8vs8 Contact rule book is a comprehensive rule book focusing on the complex style of 8vs8 contact.  We encourage all leagues and tournament directors to use the WFFN 8v8 contact rule book to decrease the gap of rules knowledge and rulebook discrepancy throughout the flag community.

Although this rule book was created by the Women’s Flag Football Network Inc., it covers both men and women, and can be used for any tournament that accommodates the 8vs8 contact style.


The WFFN 8vs8 Contact rule book does have a copyright but is an open source rule book and free to download to all.  As the sport of flag football is an ever-growing sport, our competition committee will address growth and advancement twice a year with a strong focus on safety and fair play.  Updated versions will always be available on at this location on the site

Thank You

Norman A. Carter III,

CEO/Founder, Women’s Flag Football Network Inc.