What to Bring to The Tournament

Dear Official,

Welcome to the Officiating Team for the Flag Football Championship World Tour National Championships!

By being invited to attend you have already proven that you are an elite flag football official and we look forward to working with you during this tournament and moving forward as flag football grows.

For those veterans who are returning to the national-level event level, WELCOME BACK! I ask you for special patience and assistance to help me get the new guys off to a positive start.

To help you prepare please find the following information below:

Last Year’s Weather in Florida:

  • Temperatures in Florida in January can swing widely. Last year it was 32 degrees at kick-off one morning but it can also be in the mid-70s by afternoon. Be prepared to layer and strip off as needed.

  • The head official on each field will prescribe the uniform for his crew the night before each competition day. Be prepared, be flexible and be in the correct uniform of the day.

  • It is highly unlikely that you will have time to do laundry during the tournament so have multiple options of each type of uniform and be prepared to do laundry in your room’s sink as needed.

Sarasota, 2017:

Jan 16: 73° /47° Hist. Avg. 70°/49°
Jan 17: 72° /40° Hist. Avg. 71°/49°
Jan 18: 54° /28° Hist. Avg. 71°/49°
Jan 19: 66° /39° Hist. Avg. 71°/50°
Jan 20: 72° /45° Hist. Avg. 71°/50°


FFWCT Official’s Packing List:


  • Collared 2” stripped varsity football official shirt with front pocket (short and long sleeve). 8v8 Contact requires the most seasoned officials. Do not wear JV stripes.

  • It is encouraged you represent your home state and wear your home association logoed jersey. Show your pride!


  • Black referee pants with stripe and pockets

  • Black shorts with pockets and belt loops (white side stripe is optional)

  • Pants must be worn with a black or patent leather belt


Other Mandatory Gear:

  • Patience and punctuality

  • A clean, non-faded, fitted black with white piping referee hat. Do not wear a local league’s hat or your favorite NFL team’s hat. Wear a proper football referee hat. No snap-back types please.

  • A clean, fitted white hat. You may be asked to be a crew chief at any time, so be prepared.

  • Fox 40 whistle with black lanyard or finger whistle.

  • Two yellow penalty flags.

  • Coin for flipping.

  • Blue throw-down bean bag. Many people prefer white, black, etc., but our standard is blue. Go blue.

  • Wrist down indicator.

  • Count down game clock / watch.

  • Several pocket-sized notebooks and pens/pencils.

  • Waist towel (white or black). This is a courtesy thing we do to help our umpire prepare the ball on dewy mornings before we toss it in. This is a three-day tournament, work as a team.

  • A minimum of two ball markers (an indoor hockey puck is preferred). Available on Amazon (search: soft floor hockey puck set of 12).

  • Black t-shirt or compression-type shirt (all viewable undergarments must be black).

  • Clean black athletic shoes or cleats. Small white logos are permissible but the majority of the shoe must be black. Be disciplined all three days and ensure you have professional-looking footgear at the start of each day.

Other suggested Items in no particular order of importance:

  • Back pack or sports bag to keep all your goodies in at the field. Bags are not always in a secure location so a cable and lock to chain them to a fence, etc. is a good idea.

  • Shoe brush or sponge to clean shoes each day.

  • Sun glasses are permitted in uniform. Keep them conservative, perhaps you need prescriptions glasses?

  • Lip balm for sun and wind protection.

  • Sunscreen.

  • Small personal first aid kit (aspirin, band aids, blister treatment).

  • Pedialyte packets (add to bottled water to replace electrolytes you will lose during day).

  • Water bottle. Organizers will try to provide water to the officials often but look after yourself. Fill it often.

  • Power bars and or high protein snacks.

  • Flip flops / shower shoes

  • Handy wipes.

  • Sweat wristbands (white or black).

  • Rain gear you can wear under your strips. Do NOT wear ponchos, rain jackets, etc., on top of your strips! I have seen it all, remember you are the best in the country, act like it.

  • Fold out type chair is useful on the old bones (I usually go to WalMart once I arrive and get one for less than $10).

  • Roll of toilet paper: Don’t rely on it being in the porta-potty when you need it.

  • High School Rule Book – I guarantee someone will argue a point and this is a perfect way to shut it down.

  • Phone charger / external battery. You will be on the field all day with limited access to electricity.

  • Hot hand warmers, it will get chilly in the AM and later afternoon. Put one in each pocket and be comfortable.

  • Lightweight black gloves.

  • Travel-size sink laundry detergent packets. Formulated to do “hotel sink laundry” like socks, jerseys etc. You can pick them up at Target, WalMart, Walgreens, etc.

  • Compression socks, leggings and or undergarments may be useful.

  • Any prescription meds you need to have with you. Getting around town is not that easy with our schedules during the tournament.

  • Diaper rash cream, after sweating and running all day, it may be useful.

  • Trading materials, many officials like to trade high school association coins.

  • Instant coffee. I am a coffee-junkie so I travel with small instant coffee packs and a non-breakable mug. It may not be great but it’s better than nothing.

  • Street clothes and toiletries.

  • A few clothes hangers

  • Ear plugs and eye mask (you will most likely share a room)

  • Crew radios with privacy earpieces are authorized to be used on the field. The standard is the Midland GXT 1000. Two radios and two earpieces are available on Amazon for $99. You may like to invest in a Rocotactical radio pouch for an additional $15. The belt clip included with the radios are not optimal and tend to come unattached when running.


Here are 21 Tips for Sharing a Room at a Tournament: