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Thank you for your interest in Traveling with the WFFN Women's International Team.


Historically, the Women’s Flag Football Network has focused 100% on the Women’s side of the game.  As the CEO/Founder of the organization,  I am slightly changing my direction.  My past experiences with the men have been very negative.  Men bring fighting, cursing, arguing, illegal smoking, alcohol drinking, blah blah blah to events and in my opinion, it negatively affects the sport.

Over the last couple of years, I have had close interaction with men teams and players who really love the sport and approach it in a professional, friendly, fun loving and family-oriented way.  Yet extremely competitive and have the drive to win. Those are the types of players and coaches I’d like to partner with for 2 international events in 2022.

I want to see our men travel outside of the country and compete more and represent the US in a positive light.

I am not looking to put the men’s team together nor am I wanting to be involved in the managerial aspect of the team.  Someone with very good organizational skills would need to be involved in that.  I will assist in any and all ways possible.

My request would be that the team and players be comfortable sporting the WFFN Team America brand as well as closely match our uniform spectrum by using our uniform sponsor SHRUUMZ.