You are already a part of the fastest growing Women's amateur sport in the World. Women's flag football is increasing in numbers around the world and the WFFN wants to unify the players, teams, and leagues around the world by creating a membership service that allows everyone to be centrally connected.

Being unified allows for all teams, players, and leagues to be equally advertised, promoted, and recognized by everyone around the world. From the smallest league with only four teams to the largest league with 20 teams, everyone will receive equal promoting and acknowledgment.

The Women's Flag Football Network will assist players and teams by acting as an advocate between the teams and their leagues when dealing with sensitive situations.

We will assist leagues in growing their brand, by promoting, recommending training opportunities for officials, funding ideas, etc.

We also will assist tournament directors with promoting tournaments for women to help increase team participation.


Your $15 annual individual Membership Fee shows your support for the sport you love to play and your desire to see positive change as well as impact it's growth internationally.

It also includes discounts and perks only given to our members.

Membership is the backbone of any organization like the Women's Flag Football Network Inc.  We appreciate our members for helping us exist and accomplish everything we are trying to accomplish.

We thank you for investing in your future as a Women's Flag Football Player, Coach or Supporter.