Please Read and Acknowledge our Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct 
Flag Football World Championship Tour National Championships

I understand that I am part of an elite group of flag football officials and that I: 
⦁    Am conscientious of the time, money and commitment our players and staff invest in this tournament.  
⦁    Promise to match their commitment with my best efforts.
⦁    Understand my important role in this tournament.
⦁    Bear a great responsibility to ensure a fair and safe event.
⦁    Am free of any obligation or bias to impartial and fair judgments.
⦁    Shall be professional in all interactions with players, coaches, spectators and staff.
⦁    Will abide by the direction of the tournament staff regardless of my biases or “how we do it back home”.
⦁    Will avoid anything that may lead to a conflict of interest, either real or apparent, which could compromise the perceived impartiality of my officiating.
⦁    Will bring my “A” game every day of the event.  
⦁    Will be punctual.
⦁    Have mastered both rules of the game and mechanics necessary to enforce the rules and I will recuse myself if I have not mastered the rules and mechanics needed.
⦁    Will dress neatly, appropriately, and in accordance with prescribe guidelines.
⦁    Will push myself mentally and physically in order to provide our players my very best.
⦁    Affirm that I will not slack or lose focus nor allow my fellow officials to slack or lose focus.  
⦁    Understand that we are an officiating team and we are only as strong as our weakest link. 
⦁    Understand and accept the stress, fatigue and risk of injury associated with officiating a tournament of this magnitude.
⦁    Will not use cell phones or other electronic devices at all during games, even as a timing device.  However, I may use them before, during half time and after games.   
⦁    Accept full responsibility for my actions.
⦁    Have not made any false or misleading statements regarding my qualifications, credentials, experience, training or competence.